Joy of Personalisation

Research proves no 2 of us are alike, not even identical twins..

..then why do we settle for a product which is not personalised with your own identity. Make your gift and purchase truly special by adding a touch of personalisation by engraving your initials, name or just a simple message. Personalisation has the magic to make your purchase special. As a gift, a personalised product gets that extra bit of appreciation. 


GOOD STUFF CO. uses highly sophisticated laser engraving technology for engraving your content on your product. Laser Engraving is permanent unlike printing.

What content’s can be personalized?

Content in the English language upto a certain limit in terms of characters (can include names and special messages) can be laser engraved on the product. This would depend on the product and the content. All products cannot be personalised. However majority can. Some products have restriction of the amount of character which may be possible to engrave. 

Do we reproduce Company Logos.

To reproduce logos, we would generally require a minimum order quantity of 20 pieces for personalization. All products maynot have an option of Logo engraving. Email us to know more possibilities. 

Do we do special Fonts.

Yes we do special fonts if you do not like our currated range. However we need 20 pieces minimum for that. You may email us the font and or we could download. If there is a special charge for the font, way may ask you.

How long does it take to ship a personalized product?

This would depend on whether the product is available in stock. If the product is available, it could be shipped within 2 working days. This is applicable for individual orders only and fonts from our range. Logo and other design if so will take upto 4 to 7 working days for dispatch.

Can I cancel a personalization request?

No, this is not possible. Once the order is placed especially for personalized products, it cannot be cancelled.

Can I change the content for personalization after the order has been placed?

No, this request cannot be accommodated after the order has been placed.

Can I return the product after personalization in case I don’t like it?

No, this is not possible. All due care would have to be taken by the customer to provide the right content for personalization. Our team will take care to ensure that the content provided by the customer will be exactly reproduced on the product. However slight difference may be possible.

How Does Laser Engraving Work?

Laser engraving technique that accurately removes the surface material of the product. The engraved portion will reveal the material underneath (the base metal/material). Hence, the colour of the engraved portion will be exactly the colour of the underlying material of the pen or accessory. In product bases which are of one steel color, the engraving will change the color tone of engraved area. In products made of ABS or similar non metal products, the heat from precise controlled Laser will create a beautiful burn effect with precision burning at the product. There may be very slight difference in engraving from article to article as well as on multiple article of similar style color and option.

How much does the engraving cost?

The cost for engraving is Free for our products sold on site. Special logos and matter or additional engraving on an article can attract Rs 50 to Rs 200 per pc. You will have to connect with us to revert more accurately.

Do you do engraving in bulk for corporate meets, events, birthday party?

Yes, we most certainly take such orders. For such enquiries, please call or whats app us at +91. 9700099797  Or mail us at 

We do magic and make your purchase special…Be Unique always @ Good Stuff Co.