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Corporate & Promotional

Looking for that perfect gift to remind your Customers, Vendors, Associates and Employees that they're Extra Special!

Good Stuff Company is Prodir Pens official partner for India.

Prodir Pens is one of the world's largest promotional pen companies. They supply to majority of the fortune 500 companies for their promotional needs, as well as to majority of the world's leading brands.

Prodir Pens can be your perfect brand ambassador. Truly swiss precision and made 100% in Switzerland. You can choose from multiple combinations and options to represent your brand. Visit


Whatsapp: +91.97 0009 9797

Connect with us for one of our Prodir experts to showcase various options for your brand.

We also do 100% Recyclable Pens as well as Biodegradable Pens.

Bulk Purchase

Are you having a celebrating or an occasion? We are there for you. Make your guests feel special with individually customised gifts.

Get in touch via email or whatsapp for one of our managers to join your team in making your moment special:


Whatsapp: +91.97 0009 9797

Hey are you a promotional goods vendor to companies.

You can partner with us and sell our Prodir Pen range.

email us for a world of opportunities.