who are we

Good Stuff Co. is a brand here to disrupt the boring stationery category with cool, highest quality and eye-popping stationery products from world leading companies in stationery.

whats so different

Hey we like you to have each of your stationery product personalised with your Initials, name or company logo. Majority of our products can be personalised. 

how do you personalise

Each article goes through a testing process when introduced by us for personalisation. Our technical team is trained by the Swiss to undertake personalisation. We typically laser engrave each article and or print. 

can you make a design or my company logo

Sure lets do it. Email us and our technical team will make it from digital to physical.

how is the quality

Hello, we only keep articles which are vetted by our team diligently. Our suppliers of products are typically world leaders in their respective category. 

when can i receive goods when ordered

We want you to enjoy your purchase asap. We only ship our orders through world's leading courier company, FEDEX in India and DHL international. Typically it reached within 3 to 5 working days in India and within 5 to 7 working days overseas. Sometimes there may be a slight delay by the courier company, but usually not.

can i buy or gift now and personalise later

Ofcourse, visit our stores and they will be more then happy to personalise them for free. Alternatively you can ship it to us and we will be happy to do it for you. 

are my pens refillable

Absolutely yes. 90% or more of our pens are refillable. There are few pens which are non refillable. Plush, Torsion and Radical are our non refillable range. They are well priced and gives the freedom to change your pen with another cool color each time they empty. Why use the same pen color when at reasonable prices you can opt for a new vibrant color. 

are there different types of refills

Typically there are two types of refills. It may be a good idea to mention which type of pen you want the refill for, and promptly our service advisor will connect with you to insure he ships the right refill. We also have an option of 2 colors, blue and black ink. On special order we can arrange red and green.