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Premec Pigra Pen P02 Torsion

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Swiss Made Retractable Gel pen with Plastic Clip. Created by combining beauty and technique, essentiality and speed; it’s inspired by the streamlined silhouette of the Italian sports-cars’ voluminous dynamic lateral-lines. Special barrel finish with “matt soft touch rubberised feel. Super comfortable to write. Writing Tip made in stainless steel with micro spring inside (Axis patent by Premec) for safe and functional writing.  Comes with Super Dry BLUE ink 0.7mm. The writing feel is as if your pen is gliding on paper. Absolutely phenomenal writing experience.  Super quick ink dry up, with no smudges or smears. Product 100% Made in Switzerland. This Pen category is Non refillable. Personalisation of your name possible on this Pen. Email your personalisation text to with your order details.