Stockmar Block Crayons (Set of 16)

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  • Made in Germany, completely non toxic and made from sustainable materials; good for children and the environment. High quality block crayons that have the same rich, beautiful colours and pleasant sweet smelling fragrance as the stick crayons. Long lasting and do not crumble or smudge.
  • Their chunky size and flat shape mean they are easy to grasp and are specially suited for small children. The block shape also lends itself to many different colouring possibilities
  • An assortment of 16 block crayons in an attractive re-usable tin case. Scraper included.
  • Tin case, 16 blocks each 41x23x12 mm (1.61x0.91x0.47 inch), with scraper. Included colours : carmine red , vermilion , orange , golden yellow, lemon yellow, yellow green, green, blue green , blue, ultramarine, blue violet, purple , rust ,yellow brown, black , white.