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Premec Daily Pod Dark Blue

Rs. 999.00


Trendy Pod case with Zip for all your essentials to Keep. 
  • Soft Touch silicon case with a bright coloured zip.
  • Great for storing pens / highlighters. Can fit upto 6 Plush pens / Torsion
  • Keep your earphones, Glares, spectacles, lipstick and others.. 
  • Engraving on the product + pens is possible. Please email with your order to
  • Engraving on Pod is in centre of the Pod.
Disclaimer: We try our best to offer you a very personalised product in the best of our experience, look and feel. What you see on our website may vary slightly to the actual product in terms of color, place of engraving, font thickness and size. However we assure you an overall quality product.