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Premec Pigra Mechanical Pencil

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Swiss Made Retractable pencil. Special barrel finish with matt and or soft touch rubberised feel. Super comfortable to write. The tip has a double clutch system whereby the metal tip also retracts inside when closing. And with one action it comes out. Specially designed to avoid tearing or damage of your shirt pocket or your pencil pouch, wallet,  purses fabric and lining.

Lead is 0.7mm. Absolutely phenomenal writing experience.  Product 100% Made in Switzerland. Personalisation of your name possible on this Pencil. Email to with your order details.

Recommended to pair with Premec Pigra pens


Disclaimer: We try our best to offer you a very personalised product in the best of our experience, look and feel. What you see on our website may vary slightly to the actual product in terms of color, place of engraving, font thickness and size. However we assure you an overall quality product.