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Premec Prodir DS6

Rs. 599.00


Designed with extreme care, the Prodir DS6 is a pen with an informal design that adapts perfectly to the hand, thanks to an ergonomic rounded body. The slightly concave clip integrates perfectly with the button. Near the Pen cone there is a slight undulation to hold your thumb, excellent grip. The defining feature of the DS6 is its surface, which is partly finished in matt soft touch. The result is extreme contrast on a single surface, making the Prodir DS6 a real one-of-a-kind. Made in Switzerland.


Super comfortable to write. Writing Tip made in stainless steel with micro spring inside (Axis patent by Premec) for safe and functional writing.  Comes with Super Dry Gel BLUE ink 0.7mm. The writing feel is as if your pen is gliding on paper. Absolutely phenomenal writing experience. Super quick ink dry up, with no smudges or smears. 

This Pen category is refillable Pen.

Personalisation of your name possible on this Pen Body. Email your personalisation text to with your order details. 

Disclaimer: We try our best to offer you a very personalised product in the best of our experience, look and feel. What you see on our website may vary slightly to the actual product in terms of color, place of engraving, font thickness and size. However we assure you an overall quality product.