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Premec Brave Metal

Rs. 950.00


Premec BRAVE stands out for its distinctive, ergonomic, triangular shape. These high-quality pens are authentically made at the PREMEC Group’s Headquarters, at our Cadempino plant in Switzerland. The barrel of the BRAVE pen is made of copper and nylon. This mixture is the result of an import R&D identified how to produce solid metal parts using injection moulding. This patented method means we can produce the barrel of this pen in its unmistakeable triangle shape. Comes with Gel Super Dry Blue ink 0.7mm. the writing is as smooth as if gliding on butter. Product 100% Made in Switzerland. Personalisation of your name possible on this Pen. Email to with your order details.
Disclaimer: We try our best to offer you a very personalised product in the best of our experience, look and feel. What you see on our website may vary slightly to the actual product in terms of color, place of engraving, font thickness and size. However we assure you an overall quality product.