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Brush Pen Set

Rs. 1,995.00



A modern interpretation of a tempera paint brush, Soft Brush is suitable for various applications to write, colour and paint. It is well suited to fine, professional and amateur calligraphic works. Ready for use, no activation required. Water-based ink dispensed smoothly and evenly, with no smudges or smears. Entirely non-toxic and odourless.

The set comprises of 20 colors. 

The soft brush pens work so beautifully. The way you want, it can draw a line or shade. One of the hotsellers and most popular product from PREMEC Switzerland.

Customisation of your name possible on each pen. Once you place your order please email at with your order details and name you would like on your paint brush pens.


Disclaimer: We try our best to offer you a very personalised product in the best of our experience, look and feel. What you see on our website may vary slightly to the actual product in terms of color, place of engraving, font thickness and size. However we assure you an overall quality product.