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Premec Silicon Pen Set

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Your set comprises of Four articles. Swiss Made Soft Silicon Box with the following writing instruments:

Plush or Maxima Neon Pen with specially developed Soft touch feel on the body, designed for continuous starin free smooth writing. Your Pen come with 0.7mm blue ink  with patented Gel Super Dry technology. Quicker drying than traditional pens, smooth like butter writing experience, consistent lines and precise graphic style.

Plush or Prodir Swiss Mechanical Pencil with 0.7mm Lead. The metal tip is also retractable. designed thoughtfully, for it not to tear any fabric. It has a rubber in its Push button to erase.

OVER-X Erasable Pen: Specially developed thermosensitive ink, it disappears by rubbing with the special eraser on the cap. 

The Swiss pouch or box can be used as pencil case and can hold 3 writing instruments and other small accessories like your ear pods, clips, money, and others.

You have an option of 3 case colors, Blue, Orange and Green. The Plush Pen comes in same color tone as the box and the Over X & Mechanical pencil in black and grey.

All products will be personalised. After placing your order, please send your order details with engraving name to

Premec Pens has been renamed as Pigra Pens. Premec now manufactures the refills only. Premec, Pigra and Prodir are all brands of Pagani Pens Switzerland.